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Videos of people using NeCTAR's Research Cloud

There are currently 1504 people using NeCTAR's Research Cloud and 409 have Virtual Machines. People using NeCTAR's Research Cloud have been filmed around Australia. Please see stories below.

Tommy Fotak is a software engineer at the University of Tasmania. He likes the NeCTAR cloud and its ability to scale up and down, as his needs require.

Sandra Silcot is from the University of Melbourne. She is using NeCTAR's Research Cloud to host her "Google Refine" service to academics. A memory intensive application it previously used too much RAM …

Xiaobin Shen is a Sensei from NeCTAR's dojo days. He speaks in Canberra about his use of NeCTAR's Research Cloud and his vision for the future.

Stewart Wilde from the University of Tasmania, is using NeCTAR's Research Cloud for testing and development. He loves to throw up an instance, start playing and then to destroy it. Previously it would take him quite a bit of time to build a server. Now he simply logs on to NeCTAR's Research Cloud, and can start testing.

Paul McKay is at the CSIRO. He really likes the efforts NeCTAR has made in communications.

Kirin is from Giraffe Cloud Support. He says NeCTAR's Research cloud has a lot of potential and a future that is very bright for Australian researchers.