Virtual Laboratory: BCCVL

BCCVL: Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Lab

Lead Organisation: Griffith University

The Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory (BCCVL) is a “one stop modelling shop” that simplifies the process of biodiversity-climate change modelling.


  • Biodiversity, climate and environmental researchers who need access to a standardised set of tools for analysis and requisite data sources at their desktop.


  • Allows you to undertake species distribution modelling and experiments using biological, climate and environmental data.
  • Allows you to load your own biological data to run experiments, or use the information already loaded into the system.

BCCVL enables researchers to conduct modelling experiments and related analyses far more efficiently and effectively.

BCCVL lead partners are Griffith University and James Cook University in collaboration with 20 developer and partner institutions. The BCCVL acknowledges funding from the Nectar project.

PrintNectar is supported by the Australian Government through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy to establish eResearch infrastructure in partnership with Australian research institutions, organisations and research communities. The University of Melbourne has been appointed as the Lead Agent.