Virtual Laboratory: VHIRL

Virtual Hazards, Impacts and Risk Laboratory

Lead Organisation: CSIRO

VHIRL is a scientific workflow portal that provides natural hazard researchers with access to an integrated environment that exploits eResearch tools and Cloud computing technology.


  • Geological sciences
  • Meteorological Engineering
  • Social scientists
  • Computational modellers
  • Statistical Spatial scientists


  • Models will estimate the generation and propagation of natural hazards across the earth’s surface and through the atmosphere
  • Estimate the subsequent impact on people and buildings
  • Workflows will define how the models can be used for different end user requirements

Want to use VHIRL to do “Your” work. With VHIRL you can BYO data and computational code and simply use the infrastructure VHIRL has access to!

VHIRL is a collaboration between CSIRO, NeCTAR, Geoscience Australia (GA), University of Queensland, Australian National University, Bureau of Meteorology and the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) and has been funded by the Federal Government’s NCRIS funds through NeCTAR.

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