A universal infrastructure for all researchers

Established in 2011, the National Collaboration Tools and Resources project (Nectar) directorate, based at the University of Melbourne, facilitates and promotes Nectar Virtual Laboratories, and provides infrastructure for the Nectar Cloud.


Nectar was established in 2009 by the Australian Government following a 2009/10 Budget announcement of $47 million to support Nectar as part of the Super Science initiative financed by the Education Investment Fund (EIF). Nectar has received $61 million in government funding, matched by co-investment of $54 million from Australian universities and research organisations.

Nectar partners with Australian research institutions and research communities through a portfolio of sub-projects to develop and operate: 12 Virtual Laboratories , 16 eResearch Tools,  a national Research Cloud with over 10,000 users and the National Server Program.


Nectar is currently supported by the Australian Government through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) to provide eResearch infrastructure in partnership with Australian research institutions, organisations and research communities. Nectar was established through the Super Science project, financed by the Education Investment Fund. The University of Melbourne has been appointed as the Lead Agent.

Nectar is the fastest growing research network in Australia, with over 9000 research users and 250 new researchers signing up each month