Industrial Ecology Lab enables research

Industrial Ecology Lab enables research
March 10, 2017 Karen Mecoles
industrial ecology

IELab proves popular amongst Australian researchers – new paper summarises 30 studies

The Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory (IELab) is proving an increasingly popular research platform. The high-performance computing lab is used for compiling large-scale, high- resolution, enviro-socio-economic accounts for the purpose of conducting integrated sustainability assessment projects. These include, for example, assessments of bio- fuels and low-carbon construction materials or high-resolution waste modelling. A new paper published by IELab operational leader Tommy Wiedmann provides a structured review of 30 IELab applications that were published in either peer-reviewed journal papers or in the form of conference proceedings. He investigated whether the IELab has actually and truly enabled new research. A detailed analysis of IELab characteristics and their usage is presented. Two-thirds of the studies (20) would not have been possible without the IELab and a further six would have required considerable extra resources to complete. More details can be found in the article: Wiedmann, T. (2017) An input–output virtual laboratory in practice – survey of uptake, usage and applications of the first operational IELab. Economic Systems Research, 1-17.

Two-thirds of the studies (20) would not have been possible without the IELab.