International Workshop on Science Gateways – recap

International Workshop on Science Gateways – recap
November 23, 2016 Karen Mecoles
World cafe style presentation

The International Workshop on Science Gateways series brings together members of the science gateway (known as virtual laboratories in Australia) community from many fields and disciplines, providing an international platform to exchange experience, formulate ideas, and share technological advances in the context of science gateways.

In the second workshop held in Australia, 55 attendees from five countries and each Australian state met in Melbourne at the eResearch Australasia Conference in October 2016.

The keynote by Nancy Wilkins-Diehr detailed a history of US science gateway development. Nancy is Associate Director, San Diego Supercomputer Center; PI, Science Gateways Community Institute; co-PI, XSEDE; co-director Extended Collaborative Support Services and has been involved with science gateways in the US since 2005.

To make the most from the variety of backgrounds, domains, skills and experiences, 11 presentations were given in an interactive “world cafe” style; an experiment to allow members to choose from a rich selection of presentations, and for the presenters to experience a more intimate, informal and interactive setting.

Dr. Steven Manos from the University of Melbourne ran a workshop on skills and training that saw members break into groups based on discipline, to design training maps.

At the close of a full day, Nectar deputy director Dr. Michelle Barker led the room in a debriefing and discussion on future topics. This was a workshop where people were able to learn from each other – even keynote Nancy Wilkins-Diehr advised shortly after the workshop that she is “featuring some of the Australian work in a talk at …the Converged IT Summit (mostly biologists) here in San Diego.”

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