Introducing Steve Androulakis

Introducing Steve Androulakis
March 11, 2017 Karen Mecoles
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Manager, Community Platforms

Steve AndroulakisSteve Androulakis is working for NeCTAR, ANDS and RDS in a jointly funded position of Manager, Community Platforms.

Steve has ten years of experience working in eResearch. Formerly a software developer in a structural biology lab, Steve has spent his time obsessed with accelerating research through better handling of data. Success in such a fast-paced and complex area often hinges on the cohesion and coordination of its research communRDS ANDS Nectar Logosities. Steve has spent the last few years organising Monash University’s bioinformatics community and will dedicate his time and energy to the research communities funded by NeCTAR, ANDS and RDS.