New Zealand researchers join the Nectar cloud

New Zealand researchers join the Nectar cloud
October 13, 2017 Karen Mecoles


Nectar staff have been working with New Zealand colleagues and the REANNZ Tuakiri Federation to join Auckland University to the Nectar Research Cloud. Auckland University is undertaking a pilot with selected researcher groups using the Nectar Cloud framework.

Nectar Cloud LoginAccess to the Nectar Cloud for Australian researchers is via the Australian Access Federation (AAF), making it easy for Australian researchers to access the cloud using their university login. New Zealand researchers can now do the same by authenticating with the Nectar Cloud service by logging in using  REANNZ Tuakiri (the NZ equivalent of AAF) from the Nectar Cloud Dashboard. Other international collaborators on Australian research projects that use the Nectar cloud can continue to be given access via AAF, but only by setting up a special guest account.

Australian projects can now easily add New Zealand collaborators who log in via the REANNZ Tuakiri service. Improved access to the Nectar Cloud for NZ researchers supports the Science, Research and Innovation Cooperation Agreement recently signed by Australia and New Zealand.

Implementing REANNZ Tuakiri access enables the option for New Zealand institutions to add their resources to the Nectar Cloud framework, which is initially being trialled with Auckland University. It provides a pilot for a potential future NZ research cloud based on the Nectar approach. Note that NZ researchers can only access Australian cloud resources if they are given access to a collaborative project allocation, and vice versa. Due to Auckland University being in a pilot phase, NZ users by default will have no cloud resource quota allocated. Auckland researchers who wish to partake in the pilot should contact the Centre for eResearch at Auckland University:

To further ease access of collaborating internationally for Australian researchers, Nectar is exploring the possibility of supporting login to the Nectar Cloud via eduGAIN, which is an international authentication framework. This has the potential to enable simpler access to the Nectar Cloud by international collaborators from member institutions in the United States and most European countries.