Science Clouds – Communities

Science Clouds – Communities
November 23, 2016 Karen Mecoles

NeCTAR is partnering with National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) domain capabilities to establish three community focused cloud platforms, the Australian BioSciences Cloud, the Australian Marine Sciences Cloud and the Australian Ecosystems Science cloud. This aims to address the needs of a broad cohort of researchers across the three research domains by providing community focused cloud platforms that will extend, upgrade and integrate existing NeCTAR, RDS, BPA, TERN and IMOS infrastructure.

Establishment of the Science Community Clouds will ensure that research communities have improved access to shared data, tools, platforms and computing resources according to each community’s domain-specific needs. Partnering with the NCRIS domain capabilities will improve the delivery of eResearch resources to support national research priorities.

The science clouds will benefit from the efficiencies of leveraging a common underlying eResearch cloud platform, while also supporting shared access across the domain cloud boundaries. It is also expected that the proposed science clouds will provide widely-accessible knowledge sharing platforms for supporting research-industry collaboration.

The NeCTAR Director, Glenn Moloney said

‘The Australian Science Clouds provides a new model for delivering eResearch infrastructure ​through strategic​ partnerships with NCRIS research-domain capabilities.’

This has been made possible through the NCRIS Agility funding and co-investment by a number of partners for each of the science clouds.

For further information contact the Science Cloud coordinator, Kheeran Dharmawardena.